Monday, June 3, 2019

How to Cast A Spell Jar

Today let's talk about how to cast a spell jar and what is it!

A spell jar is also know as a "bottle spell" or "container spell" and it is a simple and famous practice in witchcraft. it derives from tradition of falk magic (North America), in which a spell is sealed inside a jar, bottle or another container.

The jar spell is versatile overall and can be custom-designed for a variety of needs. It can be take it anywhere you like and this is the nicest feature of it.

How To Cast a Spell Jar

1 - First of all, you need an intent. What kind of spell do you need? It can be prosperity, love, motivation, self confidence, protection, peace, and whatever you need.
 Be careful to follow three main points:
  1. your spell must be ethically correct
  2. yours must be a real need
  3. be as precise as possible
You can plan the day and time for your spell, based on magical matches.

2 - Choose your jar. I use tiny glass bottles, I find them in the creative stores, or in Chinese stores, but you can use a jar, a bottle, whatever you want. Try to avoid plastic because the energies would be canceled.

3 - Prepare the ingredients. 
Every desire or purpose has corresponding ingredients.
For example, this is a Prosperity Jar I made:

I choose that because:
  • salt: protection and purification. To ensure money won't bring negativity 
  • basil: good for mental healt. It brings happiness, wealth, prosperity.
  • chamomille: attracts luck and money
  • ginger: add power to any magical activity. It is used in spells to "speed things up"
  • mint: prevent bad luck
  • bay leaf: good fortune
  • talisman stone with a sigil to increase and enhance money flow in your life
You can add herbs, crystals, small written sheets, stones, photos, everything you want and that corresponds to your desire. 

Make sure to have a candle, better if the color matches your wish, because you will go to seal your jar with it.

This is an useful list from the website

3 - Once you've gathered everything you need, you will have to fill it!
First, make sure you cleanse and consecrate the container you’re going to use, as well as all the items you plan to fill it with.

Very important thing: concentrate and put all your intention into it. You have to feel like you already have what you are looking for. Meditate on your intent and visualize yourself with your accomplished purpose.
Write words in rhyme for your spell, short and simple sentences, and repeat them for each ingredient you introduce.
In the end, seal your jar with hot wax.
If you open it, the spell will vanish.

This is MY procedure, but you can change or adapt to yourself, because the bottle is your. Witchcraft is freedom! So, be creative, express yourself, and realize your desires.

I crafted some spell jars, you can find them on my Etsy Shop.

With the perfect size for keeping in your bag, or in your altar, desk, sacred space, or wherever you choose as an extra amplification of energies. Once I crafted them, I cleansed and charged. The bottles are filled with crystals, herbs, and magic, and are topped off with a corresponding candle color. 

I can make custom spell jars, just write me and I will do it for you, with all my positive vibes and love!

Spell jars available:



Konia said...

I only have plastic jars and im in the broom closet so i can't really buy glass ones. Can i still use them?

Konia said...

I only have plastic jars and im in the broom closet so i can't really buy glass ones. Can i still use them?

Anonymous said...

Cant you buy glass bottles from a craft store or maybe reuse some glass jars that had food in them?

ky said...

what happens if spell jars are accidentally broken? do they cause reverse effects? or is the spell just broken?

Ciara Estep said...

I just wanted to say that this was very helpful and I plan on visiting you on Etsy and make a purchase from you. You helped me a lot thank you