Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer in the 50's

Today the sun is shining in the sky, and I am at home -_-'
Maybe in the afternoon I can go to the sea...I hope!!

Well, I love Pin-up style, so this is my idea for the summer in the '50, I hope you enjoy!
I've create this with Polyvore, it's a cooooool website! I must understand how it works!

Bye for now, and have fun with Bettie Page

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rob Brezsny is a genius

I do not believe in horoscopes, but it is always a pleasure read Rob Brezsny's horoscope:

Sagittarious, week of june 24:
"There used to be a tradition in Sweden that young women could dream of the person they would ultimately wed if they put seven kinds of flowers beneath their pillows on Midsummer's Eve. That's crazy nonsense, of course. Right? Probably. Although I must note that two nights ago I placed a gladiolus, hydrangea, lilac, orchid, snapdragon, tulip, and rose under my pillow, and subsequently dreamed of being visited by the lily-crowned Goddess of Intimacy, who asked me to convey a message to you Sagittarians. She said that if you even just imagine slipping seven flowers under your pillow, you will have a dream about what you should do in order to help your love life evolve to the next stage of its highest potential. "


Preview release:

(it's a joke.)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dino Art

I was browsing on about Dinosaurs (everyone knows that I love dinosaurs ) and I want share cutest things that I've found!

(click on images or titles for redirect on the corresponding etsy page)


These afternoons spent studying are infinitely boring.

Fortunately I have gadgets that rejoice me:

Poison Flasks

Aw! I love shopping, specially INTERNET shopping!
My first purchase on


Goodmorning! Here are 10.30 am, and summer is coming! (Thanks google for reminding me):The weather is beautiful, I hope to go to the beach this week *-*
And because I just weak up, I put here my fav. morning song:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Houdini's 30 good intentions

embarrassing / irksome habits

Nightmare moving

You have no idea. Really.
In theese days I am in my parent's house, in Livorno, and I MUST put in order my old room for the impending move from Florence. I left this room six years ago, and it is full of useless stuff (in one word: crap).My mom had the brilliant idea of turning my bedroom into a closet and to make matters worse my brother come in periodically when I am away.
I am a person that doesn't
collect anything. The only thing that I collect (or better: accumulation) is a comics serie, about Dylan Dog. DD is an italian comic, I don't know if it is famous outside Italy*; anyway, I have seen that my collection was a little bit desordered so I decided to reorder it.

Worst idea ever.