Baby Chiara
Welcome in the about me section.

This is a portfolio dedicated to the "Cat Portrait Project", but I like to experiment with different forms of art.

Born in Livorno (Italy, 1983), I had the chance to grow up in an artsy family because my father is Maestro Luciano Torsi, a  professional painter.

I began painting as a child, learning oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen and ink, pastels, directly in my father's art studio.  I sold my first painting at age ten.

I graduated in experimental psychology at the Florence University,
I published an essay book (currently on sale) about artificial intelligence and affective computing ("Emozioni Umane e Affective Computing: 3 Studi Sperimentali", 4 april 2017) but I never stop making art.

On September 13, 2018, after a really bad time of my life, art saves me: I founded the "Paper Cat Lab" online store all on my own, and I started to sell digital hand-drawn illustrations at first, and then I launched the Cat Portraits Projects in the December 2018.

Behind every Cat-work: I write the production date, the city where I am in that moment, my signature, the Cat name and the number of the painting. So, you can collect all. They are unique pieces and I do not replicas, I don't do the same cat twice​.

 My goal is a cat invasion all around the world. Actually, my cats are in private collections in North Carolina, New York (state), Pisa and Rome.

If you want keep in touch with me, see the "Contact me" form on the left side.