Thursday, September 23, 2021

Spell Jar Q&A

 Hi there! Thank you so much for your comments in the Spell Jar post "How to cast a spell jar". I wanted to reply to some comments, so I hope to help you more!


Konia ask: "I only have plastic jars and im in the broom closet so i can't really buy glass ones. Can i still use them?"

In some older books I read that the plastic can make the magick void. But I think it’s based on your intention. So if you are clear on why you are performing the magick then it should be ok. BUT I'd worry that the plastic could melt if you seal the bottle with wax and the wax is too hot, or if you have a flame by it.

 Anonymous :" Cant you buy glass bottles from a craft store or maybe reuse some glass jars that had food in them?"

Sure your can. But please, remember to clean the jar very well, purify it (with incense, herbs, moonwater, whatever you prefer), and charge it before fill it.

ky :"what happens if spell jars are accidentally broken? do they cause reverse effects? or is the spell just broken?"
When spell jar is broken, the spell is canceled. Nothing bad happens!
A big thank you to Ciara! I am so glad I helped you!

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If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!
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