Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nightmare moving

You have no idea. Really.
In theese days I am in my parent's house, in Livorno, and I MUST put in order my old room for the impending move from Florence. I left this room six years ago, and it is full of useless stuff (in one word: crap).My mom had the brilliant idea of turning my bedroom into a closet and to make matters worse my brother come in periodically when I am away.
I am a person that doesn't
collect anything. The only thing that I collect (or better: accumulation) is a comics serie, about Dylan Dog. DD is an italian comic, I don't know if it is famous outside Italy*; anyway, I have seen that my collection was a little bit desordered so I decided to reorder it.

Worst idea ever.

I was literally surrounded by comics, they are more or less 300 numbers, excluding special numbers (maybe 50)

So I've spent the afternoon to reorder theese bloody comics.

But the result is acceptable:

Well, moral: I think I'll not read a DD for one month, at least.

*ehm, wikipedia says yes

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