Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Rainbow the Love Cat

Paper cat lab supports any kind of love, and will always support human rights, LGBT, equal rights.
And in June, the pride month, I want to introduce you Rainbow, the love cat!

Rainbow is a very special cat, because it belongs to the pantheon of feline deities, it is like the Venus for the Romans, Aphrodite for the Greeks. Cats have Rainbow!

It does not belong to any sex, and at the same time it is both male and female. Rainbow brings pure love, the joy of being oneself, is the deepest source of life: LOVE. It's the creative flair, it's the right to be happy and at ease for every cat. All cats are beautiful: black, red, spotted, brindle, hairless. They are all adorable, unique and gorgeous.

According to feline mythology, Rainbow was born on the first sunny day after the long rain, which existed at the beginning of the world. It is the first rainbow ever seen on planet earth.

Since *he appeared in the world, all cats have become friends of humans, two living beings so different but united by a deep and mutual love.

It is thanks to Rainbow that the cats became sacred for the Egyptians, and now they are loved by the lady-cats and companions in our homes.

Anyone with a Rainbow portrait in their home is certainly a joyful and full of life person.

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