Thursday, January 3, 2019

How to start a Chakra Journal

Hi to all! Sorry for   
Today I want to share with you how to start a Chakra Journal, especially for beginners. Feel free to share and pin it.

I created a sort of journal dedicated to Chakras, because I have always wanted to work with them, but I wanted something intuitive and schematic, so I make these pages. You can have them too, they are for sale on my Etsy Shop, or you can create your own as you wish!

My journal includes:

-7 colourable mandala chakras 
-7 chakra explanation pages with corrispondences and meanings
-7 chakra exercises, to open blocked chakra, work with them, essential oils, crystals, daily affirmations
-a body with chakra view

I started to print my files, in A5 because I have a new agenda, my pink baby bought from Flying Tiger for 7 euro only:

what do you need:
❤ your chakra pages 
❤ drilling
❤ cute scissors

Start by placing a page of your agenda on the A4 sheet, so take the measurements. 

cut out the sheet and pierce the holes

I am not able to print two-sided, and I did not want to leave the blank page on the back, so I glued the pages!

 Take your pencils, and color!

I think that coloring the mandala of the chakras is already a work itself, because, for example, I found it pleasant to color the first one

but for the second chakra, it was tiring and in fact it got uglier

And orange is one of the colors I like! So I think I  that I will have to work more on this chakra.

In the pages I created, I included exercises to open the blocked chakras, corrispondences with essential oils, crystals, nature way and daily affirmations. I Included also the symptoms of a balanced and unbalanced chakra.

I can not wait to get to the third eye chakra, my favourite!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and may have been an inspiration for your journal!

If you are interested to The Chakra Journal for sale, here you can see the preview:

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