Thursday, January 20, 2011

Houdini Time!

Say hello to my Houdini!

Remember: if you choose to take a bunny like your friend, please don't keep it in a cage! Be patient with your bunny, they are not like cats, they are very shy and fearful (they are simple rabbit :) it is their nature!). Be patient with your bunny, slowly you form a relationship with him and it will be the best thing ever.
I learned a lot from Houdini: I learned to develop patience, to recognize the instinct, to understand the nature of rabbits, I discovered that friendship even exists between wildlife and humans, because rabbits nature is wild and they must be free to run, free to hide himself, free to be free even if they are with you :)


Cindia said...

Houdini is SO cute! And I loved what you wrote : ) thanks for sharing, made me feel so fuzzy!

Anonymous said...

cute rabbit!

Pressure Cooking Recipes said...

Grreat read thanks