Sunday, September 8, 2019

Malibu the Hunter

Let's get to know another member of the Cat-Club:

Malibu the hunter!

Malibu is a tricolor kitten, she is very small and sweet, and lives with an old one very wealthy lady, in a mansion in the north of England.
Malibu is a real spoiled cat, she sleeps on soft pink pillows at home, and she is brushed every other day, and at 5 pm the lady and her friends get together to drink tea, and Malibu keeps her company, and she also eats her biscuits.
But when she remains alone in the house, Malibu goes out into the garden and here she 
reveals her nature to hunter. She likes to take country mice, and play with lizards, but
this is a secret all its own, because inside the house she is the perfect companion cat.
But Malibu does not kill to eat, because the old woman always buys her fresh salmon and spoil it with delicious recipes.

if Malibu stole your heart, you can buy his portrait here: Malibu the Hunter

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