Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sibilla The Magic Cat

Today let's get to know Sibilla!

 Sibilla, the Magic Cat

This is the story of one of the most mysterious and bewitching member of the cat club.

The origin of Sibilla is very mysterious, she descends from a lineage of stray cats that have traveled around the world over the centuries,  from India  through China, Tibet, Egypt and Persia, and will surely continue to do so.

When she was very young, Sibilla was a TV star, she had her moments of glory by advertising cat food.
She has always been a very pretty cat, a diva and a drama queen, she loves being the center of attention and getting noticed by everyone.

One day, while working as an advertising actress, she discovered her magical powers: her talent is to read the future in croquettes. As some humans do with coffee cups, she does it with the bottoms of the bowls.

And that was how she left her job as an actress to travel the world and read the future to all the stray cats.

Now, we don't know where she is, but we have this beautiful portrait, and tradition says that if you put it in your house, Sibilla will watch over you and bring you much luck and happiness.

If  Sibilla stole your heart, you can buy her portrait here: Sibilla the magic cat

Sibilla the magic Cat

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