Monday, May 20, 2019

Oh la la! Pierre the French Cat

Hi everyone! Today I want introduce you a member of the Cat-Club from my Cat Portrait Project.

This is a type of post that I plan to do for all the cats, because each of them has a story to tell.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is Pierre:

Pierre the French Cat

Pierre is a French Cat, he lives in the countryside of the Camargue in a small rural town kissed by the sun. He loves enjoying the warmth of beautiful days lying on the tall grass and in the lavender fields. 

Pierre is a peaceful and carefree soul, he really likes to live his life as a French cat, in fact he never forgets to wear his fancy hat. 

When he is too tired to lie in the sun, he enjoys chasing butterflies among the fields, but not for the sake of hunting, but for fun, in fact it is not in its intent to hunt to feed itself, it does not need it, inasmuch as he is a great pander with Adrienne, the baker, that every day, when he closes his shop, leaves him something for lunch. The ladies of the village take care of giving him food for dinner.

Pierre is a very loved cat by all, friendly walks to greet with his straight tail, and he is also very coveted, stealing the hearts of tourists.

Some of them tried to take him away, but, with great elegance and dexterity, he never got caught, because he loves his French land too much. 

And that's why he decided to get a portrait taken: to be able to be with someone without having to leave his home.

if pierre stole your heart, you can buy his portrait here: Pierre The French Cat Portrait.

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