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How to make a Pocket Travel Altar Kit - WitchyCraft!

Hi lovelies,
today I want to share with you some tips to make your own travel altar kit.

How to make a Pocket Travel Altar Kit

If you are a witch and you like to travel, or you often move for work or personal reasons, you cannot not have a travel altar.
(But, even if you don't travel, it's a really nice way to have everything at hand and keep your ritual tools discreetly out of view).

Creating your own travel altar kit is an experience, not just an assembly of items.

I'll bring you an altar example, the first kit I made: the Sea Witch pocket altar kit.

Pocket Travel Altar Kit

As I wrote before, creating this altar kit it was a truly unique experience. This is because creating a mini kit stimulates your creativity, it is a real process of personal growth, because you always learn something new, about nature and about yourself.

Also: you will be able to experience the power you have in making things happen.
Remember: you are a real magnet for your desires and needs and this is a small but great opportunity to experience it.

For example: I had in mind what to put in this box, but I didn't have all the material on hand.
I wanted its realization so bad! And, magically, the objects came into my hand very easily, sometimes without even looking for them. What I wanted came to me, and I was surprised by my power to attract things!
This gave me more awareness of my power of attraction.

But it is enough to digress and we go to practical things.

Crafting Your Pocket Altar

1 - the box

The most popular box for creating travel altars is the tin box, which usually contains candies.

That kind of boxex are soooo freakin cute! But I live in Italy, I don't find them easily, and for me they are too small, so I bought a little wooden box, in a DIY store, which I then decorated with acrylic colors.

2 - Next, you will need to stock your altar.

what goes into your kit, depends on you and what you usually use.

in my etsy shop, as first kits, I created the mini kits dedicated to the witches of the 4 elements, but the kits can be endless.

Certainly cannot missmy fav. tool: CANDLES!

The candles must be small to fit easily into the box.
there are two options: birthday candles, or pack tea lights. Last ones, unlike stick versions, they don’t need candle holders and the wax does not drip.

For the Sea Witch altar kit, I crafted a candle inside a seashell:

 Travel Altar Kit

In addition to candles, I usually include first of all SALT! And stone, incense stick and herbs, but naturally other witches have different preferences.

 Travel Altar Kit

Some tools like athame for example, are not easy to pack, so a good solution could be draw that item on a card board, or find a sostitute (tip: try a tour of the toy department, or the miniature shop and you will find easily a solution!)

Other things you can include: essential oils, talismans, tarot card, a pendulum (if you use it), matches, and, last but not least, a fabric base for your sacred space.

 Travel Altar Kit

3 - one or two tips:

be creative and have fun! The aesthetic side doesn't matter, because first of all it must be functional for you.

- don't board your altar by plane because there may be restrictions on herbs, candles and matches.


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