Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fine Art Painting in store!

Hi to all!
So, now I will try to update this blog with all the news.
First of all, A BIG THANK YOU for all the people that follow Paper Cat Lab on facebook, Instagram, and my lovely buyers on Etsy! I appreciate it a lot, it's a great thing to know that you like my stuff.

First news (totally random!): fine art has arrived in store!

I am glad to host in my shop a great artist, a Master of Fine art: my daddy!
He is a master painter, and I am really proud of him.

about him:
He is mentioned on the “Annual” of the tuscan painters, on the “Centro Arte Diffusione” of Florence, on “Gli anni ’60 nell’aria italiana” of Piacenza and on the “Italian Artistic Market of the 1800/1900”. He’s also mentioned in the “European contemporary Painting Dictionary” of Milano and also quoted in Bolaffi Paintings Catalogue N°8 (1973) and N°11 (1978). Luciano Torsi has been a remarkable presence in the livornese exhibition of “Premio Rotonda” since 1964. He has made personal exhibitions in many italian localities (Lido di Jesolo, Empoli, Roma, Camp Darby, Siena, Viareggio, Firenze,Novara, Torino, Pinerolo, Racconigi, Avigliana, Bari and La Spezia), and abroad :Lima (Perù), Cincinnati (Ohio), Pensacola (Florida), Toronto (Canada), Paris (France).

Paintings in the store ( link Etsy Shop Paper Cat Lab)

This is one ov my fav. I adore the little staircase on the left.

Look at that. Would you live there? I absolutely do!!! 

It seems to be inside the wood.

The towers in the center are from San Giminiano village

For all sunflowers lovers, this little piece of art!

 And now some "behind the scenes" pics, with my little curious helper THE REAL PAPER CAT!

 Stay tuned for other news!

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