Tuesday, March 17, 2015

D.I.Y. Earrings Holder

Goodmorning lovely ppl!

I always have a problem with my earrings, I never know where hold it, so I have searched around internet some ideas.
They have inspired me but I didn't have anything of that stuff like fabric for cross stitch, gratings, frames, wire, etc, but HEY! I had an old unused straw basket and I got an idea!

I cut the bottom of the basket and I turned it into an holder earrings:

I thinks it's cute! Not so perfect  but cute. And useful! I'm pleased with myself and my creativity! yay!

Some pics that inspired me (and u too I hope!)


Imenka Doe said...

Hi Chiara, that's such a great idea! I'm having the same problems with my jewelry, but I just can't stop buying it :)) Thanks for the inspiration, I'll try to recreate some of them for sure <3

chiaracat said...

<3 I'm glad that you can find useful this post ! I am an earrings addict too :D