Monday, July 12, 2010

Some silly purchases today

Some silly purchases today!

I saw these weirdos packages, LOL, they are a little bit scary ^__-

and I could not resist to buy them -_-'

(These facial mask has been approved by the Vegetarian Society, and the company (Montagne Jeunesse) are also against animal testing
Well, weird faces apart, one is a particular mask: a sauna mask. This means that the mask is designed to heat up on your face, thus clearing pores and removing impurities. It is a fudge the sound of this (and the strange face) invited me! I'll try that in a few months, my face is warm yet ç_ç.
Second mask is a sauna mask too, "and skin is left so soft and radiant" (I hope).
3rd is a "Dead Sea Mud Mask" (as the clay I suppose).


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