Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poison Love from USA!

yay!!! Do u remember poison flasks?
The package arrived right now, from USA, and I LOVE BBCATSY!

She is so sweet! She gave me hello kitty's stickers! and a pretty letter :3 I am so happyyy when I purchase smt from internet and the package arrive, but in this case I am REALLY happy, because I was not expecting it to be so cute!

The flask have a black ribbon, but I had a chain and this is the result:
omg omg I love this! Thank you so much bbcatsy!!


Francesco Balestri said...

Nooooo! Ma è fantastico quel ciondolo!! Mi piace davvero un sacco! Ecco perchè dicevi che oggi è giornata di pacchetti! =)

chiaracat said...

zii lo amoooooo! anche se voglio una catenina piu lunga! dove posso trovarla?