Thursday, July 1, 2010

MILEY obsession

I'll tell you a secret.
I love Miley Cyrus.
Ok, the current Disney is very bad, but she is gorgeous.
I really like her style, her like a person, but a little less her songs (well, I am a punk rock chick, I can't listen that music, except for Party in the USA, very addicted song).

This is her Youtube channel, I can't stop to watch her!!

Miley make a joke to her friend Mandy:

Here Miley (and her firend Mandy) make cleaning in his modest wardrobe.

This is her modest wardrobe:

Larger than her bedroom:
I'm downloading The Last Song, the second film with Miley as actress.
I have the impression that it is bullshit, but Miley is Miley.

But I have a question.
WHY Miley's brother IS SO UGLY?


Francesco Balestri said...

Si vedono i soldi di paparino eh...

chiaracat said...

eeh eh si! maledetta:P